Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Where have you been?

I was graduated in Tianjin Academy Of Fine Art on June 2006, my major is Visual Communication Design. I had worked as Art Editor Assistant (Intern) in Shanghai Youth Communication and Advertisement Co., Ltd. during the summer vacations from 2003 to 2005. My job was finding pictures, typesetting and proofreading. In Shanghai Jiahe Advertisement Co., Ltd. from March 2007 to June 2007, I started to be a real Graphic Designer (Intern), participating in medical institution. In July 2007, Shanghai Honesdale Advertisement Marketing & Planning Co., Ltd accepted me as a Graphic Designer. I was in charge of design of logos, posters, exhibition boards and production of brochures. These are great and precious experiences for me.

Where am I now?
I have successfully completed all the courses stipulated by Computer Education, Authorization and Certification (CEAC) and awarded the Certificate of Graphic Designer on January 17, 2005. I have a lack of professional skills in an integrated, such as how to integrate different areas of knowledge, also I want to enhance my software skills and teamwork experience.

Where do I want to get to?
Visual Communication Design is a large area, I would like to become a toy designer or a packaging designer, because I like to touch new things, I would like to be able to design a new experience to have work to attract customers.

How am I going to get there?
I hope that through learning in schools to help achieve the aims I hope that schools can provide hands-on software, printing, photography, sculpture, and other aspects of the curriculum.

How will I know I have arrived?
When I can find a job in UK and get money that I have arrived.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Notting Hill carnival